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Now I’m no beverage expert, but I taste a bunch-o-booze (technical term) each week for events I plan and attend, so I’m privy to a couple of the makers secrets and can share with you what makes their drop perfect.

The Boozy News page exists to teach you some about booze, the makers, regions, happenings and trends. I shall endeavor to do this by 1) entertaining you, 2) providing useful information, (no hoity jargon about magical noses I promise) and c) (hopefully) make you laugh along the way.

Come on in and have a look around, leave some comments, and offer your feedback.

August 26, 2015

Sumo Mandarin Mulled Wine

Sumo Mandarin Mulled Wine -

Waaaay back when I was a gawky teen, before ‘boys’ and all the scary grown up crazy antics of being an adult were a thing. I had one of those school teachers who was a super-dork, I’m talking tartan & corduroy suits with a wool tweed bow tie to match, kind of nerd. His absolute […]

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BOOM! I’m Back….

BOOM! I’m Back…. Recipes, reminiscences and reviews compiled by Australian award-winning writer, chef and globetrotter, Anna Johnston.

Some of you may remember my blog The Hospitality Guru?  It was with much sadness that I had to shut it down after losing a lot of content when the hosting company I, and many of my fellow bloggers used, didn’t upgrade to their new servers (Grrrrr!). This time around, I decided to move away from the strong focus on […]

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