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Caffeine is the rocket fuel that puts the meerkat in my mantra – no mind melancholy for me! I like my coffee to taste like coffee, the fruity-nutty bean that knows how to show the milk who’s boss, but still allows the sweetness of the dairy to smooth its rough edges.

I remain loyal to the good old cappuccino with its tried-and-tested formula. It can’t be too hot. The froth needs to be smooth and creamy, no floating scum, no bubbles and some say no chocolate on top too, but I like the chocolate.

The cappuccino remains the supreme coffee experience for me, but getting your hands on one can be difficult. Hard Bean is where I will share some of the great and not so great coffee experiences I have had.

Come on in and have a look around, leave some comments, and offer your feedback.

BOOM! I’m Back….

BOOM! I’m Back…. Recipes, reminiscences and reviews compiled by Australian award-winning writer, chef and globetrotter, Anna Johnston.

Some of you may remember my blog The Hospitality Guru?  It was with much sadness that I had to shut it down after losing a lot of content when the hosting company I, and many of my fellow bloggers used, didn’t upgrade to their new servers (Grrrrr!). This time around, I decided to move away from the strong focus on […]

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