September 3, 2014

Pinned *tweet* *tweet* #instagram FB Status: Married!

Pinned *tweet* *tweet* #instagram FB Status: Married! Anna Johnston -

It’s been fun seeing how social media has changed the way we share our everyday happenings, in particular, at weddings. I enjoy watching the social expectations of the bridal party as they deal with the traditional photographer & videographer, especially the way they bump up against everyday expectations with social media.

Pinned *tweet* *tweet* #instagram FB Status: Married! Anna Johnston -

Not so long ago your wedding day was a time to ditch your phone and forgo the ever present rituals of Facebook updates to enjoy one of the most important moments of your life with your friends and family. It got me thinking..… Your wedding day is the one day you are probably going to be looking pretty sharp and you want to make sure everyone in the world sees you instantly right?! Plus, how will the best man’s speech or your first dance go viral if you don’t post it to YouTube 20 minutes after it happens right?! What about hiring a dedicated ‘Social Media Concierge’ for your special day?

Pinned *tweet* *tweet* #instagram FB Status: Married! Anna Johnston -

Social media in my humble opinion is awesome, it’s a fabulous way to connect and share the exciting happenings in your life instantaneously with people who can’t be at your wedding.

Hiring a traditional photographer may not be enough to capture those candid moments on your wedding day now because of social media. Fear not my friends, there are people out there offering a cool profesh service, they help avoid the trashy faux pas selfies, they will create hashtags and live tweet your wedding in real time, and know how to quickly edit a crazy good YouTube video to go live before your guests leave the reception. Sounds like a dream job to me!

Pinned *tweet* *tweet* #instagram FB Status: Married! Anna Johnston -

Alternatively you can create a #hashtag and get your guests in creating your wedding digital photo album. Just one more decision that needs to be considered in the planning of your special day.

Something to think about…..

Social Media & Your Wedding -

Happily Ever After

Facebook is one of the most popular free social networking websites that allows you to create a profile, upload photos and video, send messages and keep in touch with friends, family and colleagues.

Twitter is a free social networking service that enables you to send and read short 140-character messages called “tweets”.

Instagram it is a free app you can download on your smart phone. It’s Facebook, but for the photographer enthusiasts. You don’t have to take the best photos either because of the many filters available. Seriously…. I’m gorgeous after I filter myself on Instagram.

Pinterest is a free visual discovery website. You use Pinterest to collect ideas for projects and interests, you create and share your collections (called “boards”) of visual bookmarks (called “Pins”) that you use to do things like plan trips, develop projects, organise events, wedding or save recipes.

YouTube is a free app that allows you to watch and share videos. YouTube provides a platform for people to connect, inform, and inspire and acts as a distribution platform for original content creators.

So tell me dear reader, what are your thoughts on using a professional social media content creator for your wedding or special event? And what’s your fave social media platform?

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shenANNAgans is Anna Johnston, a 30 - something Aussie gal with an unwavering passion for the Hospitality industry. I love the quirky and unusual, designing events, travelling far and wide and eating food from all around the world. I am coffee blooded, a craft beer enthusiast, wine drinking yogi who enjoys writing about her adventures.

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Lily Lau - October 28, 2014 Reply

Hey, good idea indeed… I had never thought about it, but it can work! You’re smart, Anna 🙂

    Anna - October 28, 2014 Reply

    Haha… Thanks Lily! Although the idea was not mine, I saw a hotel in NYC were doing something similar and thought it was brilliant as I am super addicted to social media. LOL! I do thank you for your lovely comment tho. Wishing you a wonderful day. 🙂

tableofcolors - October 10, 2014 Reply

Yes, I definitely agree! Social media has changed the world. 🙂 And I must say I love social media…and hey, I look pretty good after an instagram filter as well 😉 Such a fun post!

Sam @ Travelling King - September 22, 2014 Reply

hahah this brings me back to our wedding – we weren’t “officially married” until it has been update don Facebook!!

I think its good to put a few photos up on your wedding day, people who weren’t able to come can see what a good time they are missing out on 😛

    Anna - September 23, 2014 Reply

    It’s crazy isn’t it?! Nothing is ‘official’ until its on FB. 🙂
    And I agree Sam, a few cheeky snaps throughout the day is a lovely way to include those guests who couldn’t make it.

Anna (Hidden Ponies) - September 17, 2014 Reply

How is this not a job already?! You are brilliant – I’m sure people would LOVE this idea and what’s hiring one more person on such an expensive day? I’m a big fan of social media too, I think evvvvveryone I know should use it so I have more interesting stuff to look at – my grandma recently joined Facebook and it makes me smile every time she “likes” something 🙂

    Anna - September 17, 2014 Reply

    Haha… why thank ya Anna. 🙂 Although I cannot take the credit for this idea, I have just noticed it is becoming a trend at the wedding receptions I have event managed in recent times.
    I am right there with you on the social media, especially for the more interesting content to see. LOL!
    Goooooo Grandma. What a legend. 🙂

Jean | Holy Smithereens - September 11, 2014 Reply

Wow wedding logistics and suppliers really have changed since the rise of social media! i know some friends who request guests NOT to upload any wedding photos during the event as they want the release to be “official” but somehow a few photos still manage to slip through!

    Anna - September 12, 2014 Reply

    They TOTALLY have huh Jean! 🙂
    I just don’t know how anyone could control ‘stuff’ going up onto social media, short of taking mobile devices off people. But, the good thing is, you’d very easily be able to figure out who posted things and get it removed.
    Thanks for the comment Jean, has been an interesting combination of thoughts around it.

Hotly Spiced - September 10, 2014 Reply

I just went to a friend’s wedding and everyone had their phones out and were uploading images to FB and Instagram all through the day and night. I know the bride and groom were really thrilled to view these images while on their honeymoon. In my day you had to wait until you were back from your honeymoon and then arrived at your appointment with the photographer before you saw any images of your special day. It’s so much better today with how instant everything is xx

    Anna - September 10, 2014 Reply

    Totally agree Charlie. I love that everything is instant, the Gen Y in me I guess. 🙂
    I would have found it very difficult to wait that long, annnnd not knowing if they were good images straight away… Gahhhh!
    Thanks for the tops comment lovely. 🙂

Eileen @ TheFoodAvenue - September 8, 2014 Reply

Girl, you look gorgeous with #nofilter! Xox

Choc Chip Uru - September 7, 2014 Reply

Actually I just attended my best friend’s sisters wedding, and we did create a special hashtag for it! I never actually realised that before though, it is almost like it is utterly unavoidable!
But hey, to have strangers telling you you look gorgeous (as every wedding includes) in a nice way, and to have it all documented not just in memorises isn’t the worst thing at all 😀

Choc Chip Uru

    Anna - September 8, 2014 Reply

    Oh lovely CCU! 🙂 I do hope the wedding was fun and we get to see pictures of you all done up #gorgeous
    I think you are right, it is a little bit unavoidable to not have ‘stuff’ end up on social media. So you might as well plan for it to ensure what goes up is suitable and shows you in your best light.

Sammie - September 6, 2014 Reply

Hmm! It would definitely be an interesting and fresh idea but I don’t know if it’s a little “too much”! The wedding industry is already a super commercialized one and I feel like this would be taking it up to the next level.
I would also much rather be doing my own social media and hashtagging. The whole purpose of your personal social media is to communicate and share chapters of your life with your friends. It just seems more personal that I post my own pictures and statuses, rather than a stranger making saavy ad-like posts for my friends to see!
Just my 2 cents!

    Anna - September 6, 2014 Reply

    Hey Sammie, thanks for your awesome comment, I am loving the great points people are making about the Social Media Concierge. Brilliant 2 cents worth I reckon. 🙂
    I think its a great idea, the SMC takes control of your handles for the day and posts as you, I personally think there is a bit of skill in the way they post keeping it in with the way you would normally post, making it personal to you for your friends and followers. But, it is a bit ‘out there’ so certainly not for everyone.
    Again, thanks Sammie. 🙂

Sriprae - September 5, 2014 Reply

Boom, Anna! BRILLIANT idea! Like you said, a professional photographer can only do so much, I mean come on. I’ve seen a wedding with a team of three professional photographers, weaving in and out of crowds like camera-snapping ninjas.

For the adventurous bride who is a social media fanatic (one has to be in order to keep up with one’s s.m. channels) this would be a huge hit. Huge.

May I use your idea and run with it on this side of the pond? 🙂

    Anna - September 6, 2014 Reply

    Camera snapping ninjas… Brilliant! 🙂 Don’t get me wrong, the traditional profesh photographer still plays a VERY important part in the day, but I think there is a place as you say for the adventurous bride who wants to keeps everyone in the loop as it happens.
    You absolutely can use the idea my friend, let me know how it goes down. 🙂

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella - September 4, 2014 Reply

Isn’t social media great? I love it that brands have to answer to consumers more readily-it really helps when dealing with them at times. And on the flipside, sharing lovely moments is wonderful! 😀

Hannah - September 4, 2014 Reply

I’m a little bit of a fence sitter on this….

I really like the idea of your friends and family being involved and being able to see how they experienced the day. A unique Instagram hashtag for your wedding is a fun idea. However I’d be upset if a unfaltering photo/video or an ungracious comment went viral.

I believe that a wedding is a private event for your family and closest friends. Everyone I want to share the day with is hopefully celebrating with me. This is obviously a little naive with a global community, my step-brother moved to Germany last week.

I think a medium such as Skype is fantastic for distant relatives. It’s still personal and not available for public consumption. I’ve seen a man give his best man speech from Coogee Beach, using McDonald’s WiFi, for his brothers wedding in America. It was wonderful to watch a grown man tearing on the beach as he toasted his brother and new sister-in-law with a VB at 9am.

And back to the very indecisive fence for me. 🙂

ps. A phone ringing during a wedding is beyond rude!

    Anna - September 4, 2014 Reply

    Really interesting points Hannah! I agree about the unflattering or ungracious comments, but 99% of the time you’d be able to get them removed. And well if something went viral, personally I think that would be great… But again, I’m all for the social media and sharing. 🙂
    A wedding is for your friends and family sure but I think them sharing their experience of your reception is a beautiful gift they are giving you, especially for the family members on the other side of the world. 🙂
    Skype is a good idea to make it really personal, and I am tearing up thinking about the man giving his speech from Coogee for his bros wedding in America, thats amazing, and special and awesome and wonderful. Another big tick for social media I reckon. 🙂
    PS: A phone ringing at any special event is beyond rude, totally agree about that.
    Thanks for your comment love. xox

Rachel (Rachel's Kitchen NZ) - September 4, 2014 Reply

I know we are probably a bit behind over here in Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand but prompted by your post have just had a discussion about this with my hairdresser – who says a lot of people ban phones etc at their weddings. And their was a bride in the hairdressers having a practice run and she had banned guests taking photos. The reason is that the happy couples don’t want their photos out there before they have seen them. Well that’s my 2cents worth.

    Anna - September 4, 2014 Reply

    And a brilliant 2cents worth too Rachel! Nope, don’t think NZ is behind the times, not at all! The social media concierge is a relatively new concept, I’ve only seen it a couple of times at the oh sooo over the top, huge and elaborate weddings… It isn’t a common thing. Wow… I think it would be very difficult to ban people from bringing their phones these days, but of course… each to their own. Thanks for your comment, awesome to get other points of view. 🙂

Krista - September 4, 2014 Reply

I never knew such a thing existed! How lovely that would be for those who get married on the other side of the world or have a destination wedding that not everyone can attend. It would mean a lot to those left behind, that’s for sure.

    Anna - September 4, 2014 Reply

    I think so too Krista. 🙂 Its a beautiful way to share with those that cant make it, as it all happens. 🙂

Lizzy (Good Things) - September 4, 2014 Reply

Interesting concept… not sure about this, but then that’s me, old school… FB is good for sharing photos with close friends and family… that said I think you’d make a great social media concierge!

    Anna - September 4, 2014 Reply

    It is huh Liz?! Should a line be drawn, or do we keep on sharing all the life happenings? Thinking I’d opt for the sharing. 🙂 Thank you, I would love to be a social media concierge, it’d be so much fun.

Tandy | Lavender and Lime - September 4, 2014 Reply

I would not want to have my friends on their mobiles during my wedding. But saying that, it’s not true till its on facebook ;). Facebook is my go to social media platform.

    Anna - September 4, 2014 Reply

    Haha Tandy! Lol. That’s sooo true. We really do have that belief. Again, not sure if mind so much if my friends were on their phones, but I’d def ensure they used a hashtag so easily found & grouped.
    FB is my go too app also. 🙂

My Inner Chick - September 3, 2014 Reply

Lets just say SOCIAL MEDIA is taking over the freaking world !!!
My favorite is Facebook cuz I’m nosy and like looking at other peoples’ photos and what they had for dinner! xxx

    Anna - September 3, 2014 Reply

    It really is Kim, but I don’t mind so much… It’s cool I can see instantly what my friends on the other side of the world had for dinner. 🙂
    Your beautiful glitter filled handwritten letter arrived today, something so quaint about checking the mailbox huh?! Thank you so much, I very much enjoyed it. You rock!!! xoxo

Mandy - The Complete Book - September 3, 2014 Reply

No ways! There is such a thing as a Social Media Concierge. Reckon Pete and I will have to get married again but only if you will be our Social Media Concierge!
Have a beautiful day darling Anna.
🙂 Mandy xoxoxo

    Anna - September 3, 2014 Reply

    MANDY!!!! I’ve missed you girl. xoxo
    There totally is, its a thing these days.
    And heck yes, that’d be awesome, lets add a renewal of your wedding vows to the list of things to happen when I visit next year. Haha!
    Wishing you a wonderful, fun filled day too lovely one.
    Giant hugs across the oceans. 🙂

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