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And the Winner is

Just over 2 years ago I started working at the National Press Club of Australia, it was one of those jobs I applied for thinking ‘as if they’d pick little ol me’.  Apparently around 150 people had applied, but Boom Diggity…. I got the job! And here I am 2 years later still thinking it’s one of the best Event Manager positions in Australia.

From the day I arrived, I was greeted with open arms, this little team of extraordinary people that I now call my work family, are supportive, encouraging and welcome every opportunity to celebrate each other’s successes and achievements. We have a good laugh, a lot of fun and you can clearly tell we enjoy each other’s company.

Last Friday night the gang and I donned our glad rags for the 2014 ClubsACT Awards for Excellence. I knew something was up when we were seated on table 2, (our group is normally sat at the back of the room being the rowdy bunch we are), but we were treated like royalty, the snappers followed us and the vivacious MC Rhonda Burchmore hung around our table most of the evening, maybe that was because she took a liking to one of our guys, she managed to work him into her performances calling him her Ketut!

It has been on my list of career goals for a good decade now to be a part of an award winning team; I can now successfully pop a giant tick next to that goal.

And the winner is……..

National Press Club of Australia Events Team – We took out Best Events/Conference Venue…. F%$K YEAH, you beauty, so proud, high five, we are the champions! #notsohumblebrag … I nailed it!!!

We also nabbed Best CIT Apprentice Chef and Best Small Club of the Year. Not bad considering there are 48 Member Clubs in the Berra, and we were up against all the super-sized Clubs that cater events for up to 1000 people.

I proudly work side by side a world-class team of Chefs, Managers, Baristas & Waiters. I couldn’t be more proud of the amazing work they all do.

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