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Like a Meerkat that got the Cream

As some of you may know, I am one of the lucky Berra natives to be chosen to participate in Chapter 2 of the 101 Human Brochure in the Food & Wine group. Visit Canberra have planned a bunch of fun things for us to eat, drink and see around the Nation’s Capital over the coming months, and in return I get to share what’s hot through my social media networks and the Human Brochure website.

Canberra is often forgotten by Australians as a travel destination – I know, I know…. why would anyone visit a city designed for politicians and public servants right? Well my friends, there is so much more to see and do in my fine city, especially from a cultural and foodie point of view.

First stop on the epic 10 hour ‘human’ eat & drinkathon around the Berra region was The Cupping Room. Now ya’ll know how much I love caffeine right?  It’s the rocket fuel that puts the meerkat in my mantra, so I was feeling pretty pumped at the thought of consuming my weight in their fruity-nutty beans.

The founder of Ona coffee, Sasa Sestic , is seriously one passionate man when it comes to his coffee, he cheerfully welcomed us to his joint for a lesson on the coffee growing, sourcing and tasting while the staff served us all cappuccinos. BOOM, I love me a cappuccino and remain loyal to its tried-and-tested formula.

My coffee was fragrant, aromatic and decorated with pretty latte art, it wasn’t too hot. Tick!  The froth was smooth and creamy. Tick!  No floating scum. Tick!  No bubbles. Tick!  It was bliss in a tiny cup.

We spent a few hours at The Cupping Room, sniffing, sipping and slurping washed and unwashed beans as we learnt about the precious little pebbles that make my day sparkle.  I felt like I was back at Cheffie school as we were then instructed to cleanse the palate with some mineral water before being treated to a dry ice coffee production that landed us with a raspberry creaming soda iced coffee.  This may have been where I feel madly in love……. Just sayin’.

I give this coffee 5 Hard Beans.

Do you kick your day off with a coffee? What animal do you feel like when you drink caffeine? And, would YOU like to experience Canberra’s culture?

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