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An Interview with Canberra 666 ABC Radio

Well my friends, it’s been a whirlwind 24hrs, yesterday I received a phone call from a fellow foodie blogger telling me I absolutely must answer my phone as 666 ABC Canberra radio presenter Genevieve Jacobs wanted to interview little ol me for a segment called ‘Food Warriors’.

Not even 24hrs later I arrived at the studios, selfie stick & camera in hand, ready to capture my first ever radio experience. Not gonna lie, I was pretty nervous, the more I thought about what I was about to do, the more I felt like, ugh, my throat was closing up. Kind of like, anaphylactic. #cough #hickup

Moments before I go in for my radio interview #NERVOUS

I was ushered from a fishbowl holding room of sorts into the studio with Genevieve & sat in front of the giant microphone gulping what felt like the last remaining air on the planet, I really don’t know why I was so nervous because it was a chilled conversation all about me, my social media following, food and shenANNAgans, all things I know a bit about right?!

Genevieve Jacobs from Canberra 666 ABC Radio

15 minutes went by in a flash and I realized I had kind of enjoyed the experience. Its totally cool to say I’ve earned the title of Canberra’s first Food Warrior, and all because I am lucky enough to eat amazing food prepared by some of the best Chefs in the country and yet I hardly ever cook anymore. How lucky am I?!

No sooner had I returned to work at the Press Club to be pulled in for a photo with Dick Smith (The founder of Dick Smith Electronics) & Graham Turner (The founder & CEO of Flight Centre) – I mean seriously, Holy Guacamole … Awesome … Cool… Phewwww… That sure was one fun little media filled day.

Hanging with Dick Smith & Graham Turner

So tell me dear reader, what fantastic and fabulous things have been happening in your world lately?

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