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CBR Food Bloggers Meet Up at Pialligo Estate

I reckon one of the best things about being a blogger is the wonderful community of likeminded people, and the fabulous foodie friends I have made from Canberra and all over the world. So when the opportunity to hang with the Canberra Food Bloggers group came about for an amazing degustation dinner at Pialligo Estate Farmhouse Restaurant (currently one of Canberra’s most talked about restaurants), I was on that like a fat kid is into chocolate cake!

The lovely Liz from Bizzy Lizzy’s Good Things planned the indulgent sensory experience for our group of 20, cozied up in our own private space, we were spoilt with a sampling of divine fine dining cuisine, all of which was exquisitely presented and tasted crazy amazing.

Arriving at Pialligo Estate I was greeted by excited squeals followed by squishy bear hugs, I’m looking at you Rosemarie. Happy hellos, laughter and chats were enjoyed over a glass of bubbles and tasty stuffed croquette by the large fireplace, it really was the perfect setting to escape the Canberra cold (let me tell you….. -3c aint no way to start & finish a day) and catch up with friends.

Jan Gundlach, Pialligo Estate’s Culinary Director warmly greeted us and explained the personalised 5 course degustation dinner menu created by Chef de Cuisine, Brendan Walsh. Holy WOW, can that man cook!

Now to share just a few of the emotions experienced that evening… My bouche was thoroughly Amuse-d, heart feels for cured Bonito – Seaweed-Cured Bonito, Green Tomato, Crispy Chicken, Radish and Dashi of its own Bones, laughs had at Fran’s offal humour – Majura Valley Egg, Veal Sweetbread, Celeriac, Brioche and Pine Mushroom, Muscovy duck taste explosions – Muscovy Duck, Musquee de Provence Pumpkin, Red Onion, Chestnut and Liquorice, and my O my, the whoopee cushion Valrhona Jivara Chocolate, Buckwheat, Caramalised Banana and Malted Milk dessert…. words fail to explain the perfection of this dish.

Trying to pinpoint the highlight of the evening was near impossible, the company lovely, the staff passionate, the service standout, and the food phenomenal.  We were spoilt rotten by the Pialligo Estate team – Exceptional food, wine & service, not to mention the basket of goodies (oil, wine, smoked salt, salmon and bacon) we were so kindly gifted with. #illbeback

Hands down, the Farmhouse Restaurant at Pialligo Estate was one of the best hospitality experiences I’ve ever had.

When one is in possession of Australia’s Best Artisan Bacon, one is required to do something special, something extraordinary even, something that is guaranteed to make the non romantics amongst us swoon. Bacon Roses! I defy anyone that wouldn’t find this gorgeous bouquet of smoked meat the most romantic thing, ever. #baconmecrazy

I’d love to know, would you prefer a fresh picked bouquet of flowers or salt-cured meat?

Preparation time: 30 minutes

Cooking time:  30-40 minutes

  • 12 rashers of bacon
  • Non stick spray oil
  • 24 toothpicks
  • A metal cake cooling tray
  • Baking tray
  • 12 plastic roses

Step 1: Preheat the oven to 160C. Place a cake cooler tray on the baking tray (line the baking tray with baking paper for easy cleaning). Spray the cake cooler with non stick spray.

Step 2: Take each rasher of bacon and roll it up from the larger end to the smallest. Close shut with a toothpick and place on the cake cooling tray.

Step 3: Bake in the oven for 30-40 minutes.

Step 4: While the bacon is cooking, prep the rose stems. Pull each rose off the stem, leaving the leaves and spike.

Step 5: Place the stems in a vase or in wrapping paper. Slide the roses onto the stems.

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