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Frozen Smoothie Cubes OR How To Be A Chipmunk & Store Food For Later

Rushing out the door in the morning? Throw a few frozen smoothie cubes into a  cup and they’ll be defrosted (but still chilly) by the time you reach work.

Sometimes I get a bit overly enthusiastic and go nuts at the markets and shop for way more people than I actually need to.

Sometimes, I confess to just popping into my fave fresh food shop to pick up a couple of things and come out with a trolley full of fresh crisp leafy morsels that begged to come home with me.

Sometimes, I’ve then been faced with a problem of how to store my bounty, as my fridge just can’t handle it all. And sometimes, I think I may have a problem! But hey, problems are just challenges not solved right?

I often find myself admiring my bounty from various vantage points around my kitchen counter thinking of recipes, flavour combos and generally worshiping my ridiculous shopping spree for the amazing bouquet of colours and potential dishes they promise until an idea pops into my head.

Frozen smoothie cubes….. This is how I was to solve my carrot, kale and beetroot inundation. I cracked out my old juicer and some ice block trays and my nifty cryovac machine to make stacking loads of bulky foods away in the freezer ready for a quick defrost at a snap.

I then get to stand back and admire my freezer. Don’t worry, it’s a Chef thing, it’s not contagious!

I’d love to know, are you guilty of popping into your fave fresh food shop to pick up a couple of things and coming out with a trolley full? And what do you think of these frozen smoothie cubes?

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