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Hello Fresh – Everything But The Chef …. Wait?!

As much as I enjoy cooking, I do suffer kitchen fatigue from time to time. The frosty grey gloomy weather in Canberra this winter feels a bit like ground hog day. Frosty is an understatement really, its been mind numbing and down right freakin’ freezing #arcticvortex  You’d think after 20 years I would have found a way to enjoy the cold, but nope… I just can’t get into it!  The worst thing about the winter blues is it saps the creative outta me, and I don’t think I’m alone with this, but I get over deciding what to eat, what to cook and even eating food can become a bit of a drag.  Can’t have that right?!

Feasting on this #mediterranean light delight for dinner tonight 🇫🇷 Salmon Nicoise Pasta! #poetandiknowit

I love anything that makes deciding what to eat easy, especially when battling the winter blues, I want my food to be loaded with flavour using good quality ingredients, is easily prepared, good value for money and doesn’t require a lot of fuss.  Enter this winters foodie delight – Hello Fresh. A delivery service that brings all the ingredients and recipes for meals right to your door (high fives, fist bumps and & cheeky happy dance removing grocery shopping in the dark from the equation), and all I had to do was cook it.

Old school presentation but Wow… YARM! Pepita & Sesame Pork w/ Braised Cabbage.

A few things I love about Hello Fresh

– The meals are all designed to be cooked in 30 minutes or less and work out at about $10 per person.

– I love that Hello Fresh use Australian produce rather than imported ingredients (where possible).

#French 🇫🇷 #Australia 🇦🇺 unite in my kitch. Pork a L’Orange w/ Hazelnuts, Sprouts & Bacon.

– Everything is fresh. The few items that we haven’t prepared remained fresh longer than fruit and vegetables we have bought from the markets and supermarket.

– The protein is great quality and tastes like it is supposed too.

– The recipes are super easy and oh so tasty.

– No meal planning and no shopping #BEST

Beef Garlic Sizzle Stir Fry. 7 ingredients. 20 minutes & you can be fooding on this bowl of health. #dropitlikeitshot

– No wastage.

– Serving sizes are huge.

Goodness gracious great balls of fennel! Italian Spaghetti w/ 🐷 fennel meatballs for tea tonight. #topgun

– There is an excellent range of meat and veg dishes, pasta, stirfry and vegetarian too.

– The recipe cards are very visual.

– I’m out of my food rut and feeling inspired with some stella new homey recipe ideas.

Vego. 7 ingredients. 30 minutes to cook. Pesto & Roasted Tomato Farfalle Pasta.

If you want to check them out pop over here*.

Would you consider Hello Fresh? Which part do you enjoy the least .… cooking, shopping or deciding what to eat?

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