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A Review, Kind of: CHEF, the movie!

Chowing down on a traditional Bratwurst from The Brathaus at Hamlet in Braddon, Canberra’s funky food truck village inspired another viewing of the movie ‘Chef’. Have you seen it? Tell me what you thought? I love it!

It’s about a Chef by the name of Carl Casper who is slammed by a food blogger. I can appreciate this story from both angels being a qualified chef and a food blogger. The four star chef loses his bonkers and flies off at the writer, a powerful foodie who really has no understanding of what the work involves. He retaliates with a public tweet, which results in Chef losing his temper, his job and his reputation.

He buys, does up and drives a food truck selling ‘Cubanos’ Cuban sandwiches from Miami to Los Angeles, thanks to tweets and 6 second videos posted to Vine by his 10 year old son, word spreads and crowds gather at each stop along the way, it is about Carl finding his groove in all areas of his life again and a tribute to the power of social media.

A hearty reminder that sometimes the lowest points in your life, both personally and professionally, are actually your biggest opportunity. When you reach that record low, you really have nothing to lose, and the only way you can go is UP!

So my friends, if you’re a creative character who feels overworked and sucked dry by your employer, watch this film.

Are there other food related films you love and think I should see?

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