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Care Bear Stares, Hammer Pants & Great Gran's Marmalade Jam

Very seldom does the bro put in a special request for me to make something, but last week when a 5kg box of the most gorgeous brown navel, a new variety orange arrived from my Instagram pal Rina, he asked ‘Will you make me some of that Marmalade jam we had as kids?’.  How could I refuse?

As Great Grans Marmalade Jam bubbled away on the stove top, the homely citrus smells filled me with nostalgic memories of my childhood and growing up in the 1980’s.

Did you grow up in the 80’s? If you did, happy adventuring down memory lane.

This delightful warming orange marmalade is a classic spread for a winter slice of toast.

When was the last time you said ‘What you talkin bout Willis? Were you a Care Bear kid? Remember their awesome belly magic that could defeat enemies and heal people with light that radiated from their tummy symbols. And what about ol mate Big Bird being the only one who could see Snuffleupagus?

Remember jumping on your bike (Melvern Star with plastic handle bar streamers and spokey-dokes) and disappearing for the entire day without a care in the world, a phone in your pockets, helmet on your heads or shoes on your feet. Fearlessly riding uncharted single tracks through forests, scaling fences, and climbing trees with no way of the parentals contacting or even knowing where you were (and that was totally OK).

Make breakfast extra special with this home-made marmalade spread!

What about sitting on your dad’s lap and manning the steering wheel or riding home on the back of the ute/pickup truck with the dogs, wind whistling through your mullet style locks, remember when mullets were cool? Dressed to impress in fluro, your heat sensitive hypercolour T-Shirt and Hammer Pants. Ahhhh, it really was a wondrous time to grow up.

As for the jam, the bro said it put all those store-bought marmalades to shame. It tasted like sunshine in my mouth, it was so fresh, and the flavour was out of this world. It was delicious, and tasted just like the one Gran used to make.

I’d love to know, do smells trigger fond memories for you? What do you remember most from the 80’s? And, did you own a heat sensitive hypercolour T-Shirt and Hammer Pants?

What about an aromatic marmalade glaze for your Christmas in July ham?

Preparation time: 8 hours 30 minutes
Cooking time:  1 hour 45 minutes

8 large oranges 1kg white sugar Juice of 1 lemon

2.5lt cold water

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