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A Bit of Blogging Fun

If I had to pick one thing I love most about being a ‘foodie’ blogger, it would be the awesome community. The people I have met, and friends I have made from all over the world. This wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for my blog, and for that I’m uber grateful.

In the spirit of this awesome blogging community, I’m thrilled to have been nominated for the Liebster Award by Gary Lum, the writer behind Yummy Lummy, which is all about promoting other people’s blogs, and offering a chance for you to discover new blogs along the way.

So get ready friends, because we’re going to have a bit of blogging fun today. I’ve been given 10 questions to answer, and then I’ll be passing the baton onto another 10 bloggers.

What’s the best meal you’ve ever cooked?
As a qualified chef, preparing stand out and amazing foods comes with the territory, so it’s hard for me to pinpoint the best meal I’ve ever cooked. But when I was working in London at the Covent Garden Hotel, Gordon Ramsey did send compliments to the chef (me) that prepared his entree. #shamelessbrag Crab claw, avocado, tomato & scallion salad, creme Friache, from memory the dish had a bit of an Australasian feel to it. That was pretty cool!

What food makes you remember your childhood?
Lamb, mostly because it was the protein of choice for majority of the meals we ate growing up, and apricots, we had a gorgeous apricot tree out the front of our home, it was perfect for climbing and always gave us a bounty of fruit great for jam and chutney, worked a treat to throw at my little bro too.

What is your favourite kitchen appliance and why?
My wok and my juicer. I am all about meals that can be prepared quickly.

What is your dream meal?
I am really keen to try the ‘Glamburger’, it has black truffle, a Kobe Wagyu beef patty, lobster, beluga caviar, a duck egg, venison and edible gold leaf. And it only costs around $1500.00 #boom

Name one food person who you admire and why?
Cheffie! He is one of the best people I know. His passion for food, teaching, training, mentoring, advising is totally inspiring.

What recipe are you planning that you’re excited about?
Pretty pumped to try making the ceviche, one of the Pressie kitchen Spring specialities.

Share something unique/weird about you in the context of food?
Right up until I began my cooking apprenticeship at age 20, I wouldn’t touch raw meat, chicken in particular. I totally blew my family away when I said I was going to become a chef.

What’s your favourite meal?
Hmmm… Any meal that I don’t have to cook myself, that… and sushi, I could eat sushi every day.

Name one technique or strategy that is working well for your blog right now?
Sharing content regularly on all of my social media platforms definitely increases traffic to my blog.

Name one app that you can’t live without?
I am obsessed with Instagram, it is such a fun app to quickly share amazing photos with your networks.

I am nominating these cool cats to participate. Some of the following are recent discoveries, others I have loved for a very long while. All are super rad!

Sriprae – Abuchon
BAM – Bam’s Kitchen
Agness & Cez – ETramping
Alice – Girl in a Food Frenzy
Eileen – The Food Avenue
Tim – UrbanDuniya
Kim – My Inner Chick
Rachel – Rachels Kitchen NZ
Liz – Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard
Raymund – Ang Sarap

So tell me dear reader, who are your favourite authors? And do you prefer reading from a kindle/hand held device or a physical book?  

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