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QT Canberra 'Gals Only' Experience

It’s not every day you get an invitation requesting you pack your bags for a night of toasting, 5 star dining, more toasting, dancing and partying, followed by a Peter Alexander sponsored slumber party.

You see friends, QT Canberra have launched a VIP Hen’s & Celebration package and they tasked some of Canberra’s most fabulous and fine professional socialites (yep… apparently I was one) to experience the hotel through the eyes of a Hen. Right up my alley! But get this…. I’d never heard of, let alone met Mel the ‘stunt’ bride to be.

Dressed in evening wear as instructed, I excitedly watched as the giant stretch limo reversed slowing up my very winding driveway for my front door pickup.  I was warmly greeted by QT hosts & fellow bachelorettes, and bubbles were poured as I slid into the limo. We tripped around town in style picking up the other ladies. Limo riding really is the perfect way to kick off a night out… just sayin’.

Arriving at QT, we were greeted by Paparazzi snapping photos of us like we were superstars arriving at the Oscars. It wasn’t hard to get into the mood.

Everything about this hotel says Canberra; from the quirky wallpaper that features former Australian politicians, to the satirical art, historic quotes, caricatures and live Twitter feeds on the screens in the lobby, the photographers followed us in snapping away as we drank it all in.

A few minutes later we were all checked in, and our bags were whisked away. Our first stop was the QT Lounge, a pretty swish Members Only Club located waaaaay up in the sky overlooking my very fine city. Riley, the King of Cocktails served us champagne, antipasto and chocolate-coated strawberries from the private bar while we chatted and got to know each other.

Next stop, Dinner! But first, we had a tour of the restaurant Capitol Bar and Grill and introduced to Head Chef Nic and his crew. Nothing hotter than a man in uniform right?! We were seated & served platters of delicious food from the feasting menu, and holy wow…. it was good.

Coal Grilled Sicilian Style Tuna “Mercato del Tonno”, Crusted in Fennel, Capers, Fresh Tomato, Green Olives, Lemon, Shallots, Garlic, Tuscan Dwarf Peaches, Parsley

“Ciambelle Bambino”, Baby Doughnuts, Cinnamon Sugar, Vanilla Custard, Honey From Our Very Own Rooftop Beehive, Strawberry, Lemon Mint, Jam Syringes

My heart exploded in 15 directions after a bite of this deliciousness. Biggest joy bomb EVER!

Capitol Grill Classic Profiteroles, Filled with Crème Patissiere & Vanilla Ice-Cream, Drowned in Valrhona Dark Chocolate Sauce

Once the incredible dinner was over we were treated to a private booth in Lucky’s Speakeasy for a few more drinks, some dancing and a cheeky performance by a couple of male dancers (not strippers!).

But like any good girls night out, “What happened at the Hen’s, stays at the Hen’s.”

I called it a night and headed to my room on the 11th floor just after midnight, my face aching from so much laughter and all the fun times. Everything in me wanted to jump on the bed and squeal with delight as I opened the door to my room.

Designer furnishing, a zany mini bar, walk in rain shower complete with sweet smelling bath products, a bed that felt like I’d checked in to heaven AND stella views of the lake and Telstra Tower, truly it was incredible.

Next morning I was greeted by a rather chippa Barista who handed me a creamy cappuccino and pointed me in the direction of one of the best buffets I have ever seen. House cured sliced prosciutto, avocado mousse, ricotta & cheeses, fruit smoothies, heirloom tomatoes, slow cooked eggs and omelettes prepared to order. #amaze

So ladies, if you are looking to celebrate in style, be sure to contact the gang at QT Canberra. They have a bunch of amazing packages, and really…. there is no finer way for a Hen to party in style.

I’d love to know, do you prefer sweet or savoury foods? And what delicious foods have you eaten this past week that has made your heart explode in 15 directions?

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