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Girl's Weekend: Friendship, Fun and Coastal Vibes

Hey gurls, remember that one time we drove 40 minutes out of Airlie Beach and disappeared down a dirt track into the bush to arrive at a gorgeous secret hut with 180-degree views of the Coral Sea? Remember the blue skies? Warming sun? Matching slippers? Shot-tastic drinks? OMG food? Cards Against Humanity? And good conversations 24/7? 

Yeah, THAT time!!!

When I left Canberra 7 months ago with the goal to pursue personal and professional happiness over a life filled with obligations and craft the most nourishing life possible, with just the right amount of adventure thrown in to boot, I had noooooo idea how it’d play out. A broken ankle, a category 4 cyclone and loss of employment being the worst of the ‘adventure’ so far, but discovering yet another piece of my authentic soul, finding amazing friends and visiting hidden away huts by the ocean has been absolutely the best part of the ‘adventure’ so far.

They say good friends don’t let you do stupid things alone – All smiles in front of the croc infested waters!

I didn’t realize how much I needed a break away until I was surrounded by an incredible group of Daydream Island women. A girl’s weekend (thinkin’ this should become an annual tradition) is such a restorative and fun thing to do. I am a strong believer that adventures with good friends, no matter where you go, can be one in a million type experiences.

Slight hiccup with a piece of car coming loose – wasn’t long before we were on the road again!

Friends are precious. Friends are so, so precious. The internet has over-connected friends in ways that aren’t real. Don’t get me wrong, social media is wonderful, but it is not the same as spending a weekend with your gal pals having real, inspiring, vulnerable, and laugh-till-you-ugly-cry conversations.

This is totally going to end well!

Hash browns cooked in bacon fat = OMG food!

This place is INSANELY AWESOME, like I almost cried when we had to leave type awesome. We arrived at our open-air hut by the sea to find fresh flowers on our pillows, a stubby holder and comfy slippers on our mozzie netted beds; you can tell our hosts work in the hospitality industry making sure our hideaway hut had resort type comforts hey?!

Say YES to new adventures!

Collect moments – Not things!

Resort type comforts – We even had a turn down service. Thanks Kylie!!!

The weather was absolutely perfect. P-e-r-f-e-c-t. Nothing like sunny days when the air smells salty and feels clean, the ocean is sparkly aqua blue and the silence is glorious (no chainsaw or wood chipper cyclone clearing happening here). I loved it so much –> cue: fist bumping and happy dancing like wild ones All. Weekend. Long.

Fist bumping and happy dancing like wild ones All. Weekend. Long.

Watching sunsets around the world is boring – Said no-one EVER!

Sunset is my favourite colour, rainbow is my second!

Tell me dear reader, are you more of a glamping or a 5 star resort style adventurer? And have you played Cards Against Humanity? 

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