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They said YES! A Review of Marley Spoon

Maybe it’s just me, but it sure feels like every year the holiday season stretches on a little more than the last. There are no hard kick off and cut off dates, but the lead up to Christmas has turned into a marathon of consuming tasty foods (fist bumps to fellow gourmands/gluttons who like me locked down a cheeky 12.8 billion calories), and socialising with amazing people for months, not to mention the odd bevy, which can leave a girl feeling a little at odds with party life.

Raw Pad Thai with Seeds Toasted in Shoyu

Being a seasoned foodie, I decided a plan to pace myself through all the holiday shenannagans was required, mostly I was determined to meet 2016 without the need of a new wardrobe in the next size up.

Apart from the usual sneaky tactics of making sure my champagne glass was only ever filled with sparkling water when the second bottle was ordered, and upping the exercise a tad, I ensured the food I was eating on the nights I was home were loaded with all the health and deliciousness too.

Aloo Chaat – Indian Spiced Potatoes and Spinach

Ya’ll know I’ve used a food subscription service in the past, so I was MOST excited when Marley Spoon who are now located in Canberra, asked me if I was keen to check out their chef-designed recipes for the foodie who loves to cook restaurant style meals at home. Seriously, what is more awesome than getting a big box of food delivered to your door?

Chicken Rice Paper Rolls with Dill Nuoc Cham

I reckon Marley Spoon nailed it with their choices, unlike other services; you get to pick (and friends, it was like picking from a Delicious magazine) what you want to eat. The cooking instructions were super simple and the end results, almost identical to the pictures on the recipe cards and tasted extraordinarily YARM.

You say potato, I say delectable, delightful and delish Indian spiced potatoes

The portion sizes were enormous. Gigantic even. Big coming from this little piggy who seems to possess an elastic stomach that is willing to house often sickeningly large amounts of food. I plated 2 meals and packed a Raw Pad Thai with Seeds Toasted in Shoyu for lunch the next day. #firstworldfoodieproblems

Being an advocate of inexpensive home cooking, I thought $11.65 per meal was a little overpriced but after a mouthful of the Chicken Rice Paper Rolls with Dill Nuoc Cham, I can confirm my relationship with Marley Spoon has escalated (they said YES) and we are now planning a spring wedding.

I’d love to know, what are your thoughts on food subscription services like Marley Spoon? Do you prepare restaurant style meals at home? And what was the last meal you ate that had you down on one knee proposing to the chef? 

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