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Mr Duck & Run – An Epic NYE

I am a hopeless romantic and am guilty of not settling for anything less than the real deal,  I’ve had my fair share of dating disasters from the hilarious to just plain crazy, we’ve all had them right?! Come on now, be honest, some of our dating stories are worthy of sharing just for the giggle. Movies like An Officer and A Gentleman had me thinking a move to Annapolis to stake myself outside the Naval Academy and snag me ‘a uniform’ was a fine idea!  I believe in true love, despite the crazy, funny, sad, & bad things that might happen along the way. Soul mates like Simba & Nala from The Lion King and Edward & Bella from Twilight, and fairy tale endings are what this girl believes in.

Many long years ago I met my very first frog, while working at McDonalds, I was about 16 years old.  I really wasn’t that interested in boys, having a brother the same age kind of used to make me wonder what my boy crazy girlfriends were on about, but when this beautiful blonde haired boy rode his push bike through drive thru holding a long stemmed red rose and a poem for me, suddenly I saw the light, I was a true believer and couldn’t wait to tell the girls.  Swoon! Unfortunately, this guy only had one move and never managed to figure out the next one.  He has come and gone a bunch of times over the years, often confessing his love and staging movie worthy promises and happy ever afters, but you guessed it, he can’t help but duck and run.

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He popped back into my world very briefly last New Year’s Eve for a cheeky midnight pash, it was epic, I’m talking when Harry met Sally kinda epic; they make movies about these kinds of stories. Literally as the countdown to 2014 was happening…. 10, 9, 8, 7… I hear my name being called above the din of the crowd…..‘Anna?’, I turn around to my Mr Duck and Run, ……..3, 2, 1… He kisses me, one of those kisses that make the world go quiet, his hand at the back of my neck, and says to me, “I’ve wanted to do that for 15 years”.

I’d like to say I’m one of those cool, calm and collected girls, but sadly, I’m not. After all these years I’m a bit awkward with this guy, OK – really awkward. I try to exert a cool ‘whatever demeanour’… however when this commitment-a-phobe began reminiscing about our history, the adventures we would have, our wedding – resistance was futile and we danced til dawn.

In the cold light of New Year’s Day, nursing a hangover that felt like five monkeys wrestling in my head, reality began to sink in, my Prince Charming had once again returned to a sad little lost Froggie, but he sure did make for a rippa NYE story.

I give Mr Duck and Run

So tell me dear reader, are you a hopeless romantic? If yes, what’s the most romantic thing that has ever happened to you?

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