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Flying Through the Whitsunday Skies on a Reef and Island Scenic Flight

Monday’s are BREATHTAKING and AMAZING and INSPIRING and BEAUTIFUL in the Whitsundays, especially when the good people at GSL Aviation kindly allowed me to hitch a ride on a Reef and Island scenic flight.

Just another Monday in the Whitsundays 😎

Make today so AWESOME that yesterday gets jealous!

I know this is winter because the calendar tells me so, but for me it feels more like an endless summer with warm tropical breezes and blue skies dotted with fluffy white clouds that go on forever, perfect to see all the highlights of the Whitsundays in One. Big. Gulp!!!

Cyclone Debbie who??? The Whitsunday Islands and Great Barrier Reef are looking great! 👌🏻✈️🚁

Chuffed as to find myself with a ticket earmarked as Co-Pilot, I scored the seat up the front of the plane beside Jimmy the pilot who kept us all informed on the amazing scenes below as we flew over most of the 74 islands in the Whitsundays, Whitehaven Beach and the renowned Hill Inlet.

Whitehaven Beach and Hill Inlet, AMAZING!!! 🙌

Not gonna lie friends, the squeals of delight were heard by everyone  as we buzzed over the famous Heart Reef which is nestled amongst the bright colours and patterns of Hardy Reef.

The Heart of the Whitsundays 💙

The Heart Reef is a natural formation of coral in the shape of a heart which was discovered in 1975 by one of the Air Whitsunday’s pilots.  As you are unable to snorkel or dive at the site due to it’s protected status, it must be experienced from the air. Hands down this reef and island scenic flight was one of the most magical experiences of my life, seeing such an amazing place from the sky really proved to be an extraordinary experience which in my humble opinion every one MUST cross off their travel bucket list.

Home is where the heart is 💙

A small moment of heart tugging emotion welled inside as we flew over an almost unrecognizable cyclone damaged brown blob that is Daydream Island, but before we knew it Jimmy had me gawking in wonder and just like a kid in a candy shop my mood returned to wonder and joy.

The colours of the Great Barrier Reef 🙌

If you only have a short time in the Whitsundays, or even if you’re like me and call this place home, I totally and absolutely recommend taking an hour out of your life for this INCREDIBLE experience, it is an amazing way to see the Great Barrier Reef in all her glory and the Whitsundays properly.

So tell me Dear Reader, has winter settled in for those of you in Australia and the Southern Hemisphere? Have you been ticking things off your travel bucket list this year? And who’s booking a reef and island scenic flight when they are next in the Whitsundays? 

It doesn’t get much better than seeing the reef from above! Did you know that the Great Barrier Reef is approximately the same area as Italy, Germany, Malaysia or Japan?

shenANNAgans was a guest of GSL Aviation but all opinions remain her own. See website below for tour options that start at $119.00 per person.

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