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Summer Travel Nostalgia

I write you from a crisp and rather chilly Canberra (feel sorry for me… when I left the house yesterday it was -7 degrees). Seriously, it is so cold my sweaters need sweaters…. Don’t get me wrong, I love the prettiness of paddocks & parks all frozen white with frosts & there really is nothing like fresh fallen snow. In fact, there are many benefits of winter like not having to brush my hair because of the beanie plastered to my head during the cooler months, the convenience of keeping my beer icy cold on the back patio, and the warm cosy days inside watching movies all rugged up. But then there are times when it is simply too much and I long for sun shine and warmth. #RIGHTNOW

So my friends, if I can’t head north on a summer holiday, I can at least reminisce on one of the many summer adventures where I’ve escaped the cold to beautiful, balmy and oh so sunny North Queensland.

Cooper Inlet – Daintree Rainforest

First stop, The Great Barrier Reef, a world heritage site that is the largest reef system on the planet, it is longer than the Great Wall of China, and it can be seen from space. This was an absolute “must do” on my travel bucket list & whenever I’m there I always spend time on the reef scuba diving.

Getting my Scuba Dive On!

Once I got over the initial creepiness of hearing my breath in my ears and relaxed into the peacefulness of being under the sea I was hooked. The water is deliciously warm, clear, still and very salty & without a doubt completely beautiful. Oh how I wish I was there now.

Under the Sea – Under the Sea!!!

Second stop is always The Daintree Rainforest.

The Gorgeous Daintree Rainforest

I love booking a full day tour that includes a bunch of activities like canoeing in a rainforest stream or a mini hike amongst 120-million year old trees.

Survivor Anna – Getting my Beach on

There’s always the opportunity of crocodile spotting or swimming in freshwater lagoons.

Queensland Beaches are amazing

And strolling along rainforest fringed beaches near Cape Tribulation. Did I mention how much I wish I was there?

So tell me dear reader, what’s your favourite season? Do you get your Summer Travel On? And have you been scuba diving before?

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