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It's Wine O'Clock: Napa Valley Vi – on – YEAH!!!

Each Wednesday afternoon the NPCA Events team, our awesome Chefs and the Food & Beverage guys catch up to sample the goodies our suppliers send our way. You never know what will end up featuring on our wine lists or inspiring our Chefs to pair with some great food. I’m sure you can imagine my distress at having to drink amazing, sometimes unheard of, or up and coming wines from all over the world.

Yes folks… Total bummer right?! LOL

Anna Lake Burley Griffin in Canberra – A perfect Autumn Day

When a glass of this little lovely landed on my desk, I was pretty pumped to have a taste. The bottle is really cool, it is similar to a champagne or sparkly bottle, and the label features a Stag. I eagerly asked the gang, ‘Who’s got my reindeer ears? I’m so dressing up as a red deer and getting my leap on’. Most would think this pretty strange, but not one of my colleagues even blinked an eye at my odd question, in fact, all have been on the hunt all week to help me find them.

For many years Stags’ Leap Winery only produced a tiny amount of the Viognier, the wine makers would only make it for their family and friends, and it was unavailable to the wine-a-sphere at large until now.

Stags’ Leap 2011 Napa Valley Viognier

The tasting notes on the Stags’ Leap 2011 Napa Valley Viognier said it featured spring blossom, fresh flowers, chalk and stone fruit on the snout. For me, it was like taking a relaxing stroll through my favourite park. The taste however, now this is when things got hilarious, I jotted down everyone’s initial thoughts… ‘Shaaaa-wing, wowza, she’s a beauty, complex yet rounded, she’s got a lot of guts, lush and yarm!’

There was peach, grapefruit & melon with a fruity core and a refreshing acidity with hints of minerality… What’s minerality? I hear you ask, well imagine the smell of fresh wet concrete; now imagine that flavour in your mouth. I personally don’t find that thought appetising, but picturing someone licking concrete is pretty funny.

Anna jumping (full Stag/deer style) Stags’ Leap 2011 Napa Valley Viognier

This is a delightful wine, its elegant, balanced and vibrant, and gets better with every sip. I haven’t been able to easily source this drop, but some Dan Murphy’s stock other vintages for about $25.00 per bottle.

So tell me dear reader, are you a red or white wine drinker? If yes, what’s your favourite wine region?

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