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Canberra Beer Day Out

Beer is a gorgeous thing. I’ve said it before, but I think beer has been the booze of choice for gods, royals, slaves, peasants, workers, low class, middle class, upper class, and a bunch of other groups I can’t think of at the moment. It helps end disputes (as well as cause some), has been a peace offering, and a way to break the ice to start lifelong friendships and it even makes ugly people look better. To me beer is a common denominator for us all, a drink that the peeps can sit down together and have a laugh over. But more impressively, we’re still finding ways to make it differently.

Now naturally, Canberra Beer Day Out was one heck of way to devote a hot and thirsty afternoon last Saturday, at the Former Transport Depot, the location of Canberra’s beloved Old Bus Depot Markets. Dozens of beers on offer and a bunch of tasty eats too. What better way to spend with good friends than a festival dedicated to the golden fluid of happiness, with 28 different Craft Beer Breweries and a handful of local food merchants too. We arrived shortly after the noon opening and the depot was already pretty packed with beer fans, some of them involved in a competitive & cutthroat game of Jenga.

The gang got the early bird tickets (of course…) each beer stall chose their own prices with 100ml tasters from 2-3 tokens and 285ml middy/pot serves from 5-7 tokens. Some cheeky stalls jacked their prices right up to around 10 tokens/dollars each, so it was a bit of an expensive day.

Breweries from all over Australia, Africa, America, Scotland, England, Holland, Belgium and Germany showcasing and selling their beer, so there were plenty of interesting beers on offer to keep the gang happy.

Beer ice cream… Yep, it’s a thing. Artisanal Canberra ice-cream maestros Frugii were serving a range of beery ice creamy goodness. Porter gelato and the Waldo and the chestnut pilsner and the blonde. #yarm I chose the Porter, rich and chocolaty. There was a hit of hoppy tang that peeked through too. I was truly thrilled and surprised, it won me over from the first taste, marveling at the genius who thought to pair 2 of my favourite things.

Yep, pretty sure it was definitely the best run beer tasting event I’ve been to, they got the food right as well. Beer….. one of the many testaments to the human race’s cleverness.

Great day out – Cheers to you I say!

Do you enjoy beer, wine & foodie festivals? And what strange flavoured ice-cream and sorbets have you eaten and been pleasantly surprised?

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