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Happily Ever After

It’s no secret, I’m hooked on events, it’s in my blood. There is no such thing as a typical day in the life of an events team; especially here at the National Press Club of Australia, which is something I’m crazy about.  Apart from being really exciting, if not a little nail biting watching as my concepts and ideas come to life, it’s full of creativity and challenges and adrenalin too.  Events give me a real sense of purpose and fulfilment knowing that I am contributing to something that adds value to thousands of people each year. From Press Conferences, Forums, Business Breakfasts, Lunches and big flash swanky Dinners. Any sort of party, be it a formal Banquets or the 400 Weddings I’ve worked on in my career. Ahhhh yes….. I do love my weddings.

Each year at the NPC I am lucky enough to assist around 30 couples in the planning of their ‘I Dos’ and often I get to be a part of their happily ever after. This can be where the adrenalin comes into my day as I have come across some real crackers, from sewing the best man’s pants after his dress shirt got stuck in his zipper (while he was still wearing them), to having an entire wedding party spit chewing gum into my bare hand (on my orders) before they entered the reception. I’ve had to piece together a wedding cake that a rogue kid thought looked delicious, & been called upon to be Master of Ceremonies, Disc Jockey, Photographer and even ducked a punch from an intoxicated mother of the bride. Yep, that’s me! All in a day’s work!

This incredible, gorgeous and Oh – So lovely wedding couple (J&A) will forever be a fond memory for our team. Every detail was considered with precision, and as a planner who thinks in ‘details, details, details…..’ I knew I was in for a treat after the first meeting. From the church to the reception, the whole shebang was stunningly beautiful.

As a venue, we pride ourselves on offering a full service package; our Chefs will personally design the Menu, our Sommelier will match the wines, I design a detailed timing schedule, and over the years I’ve become famous for my box of goodies containing everything a bride might need – including a spare pair of flats for when the dancing begins! I work with the Decorator, Florist, DJ, Photographer, Makeup Artist, the Cake peeps, make the Bonbonnieres & the accommodation bookings too. I’m pretty sure sometimes I’m the Berra’s version of JLo from The Wedding Planner. *smile*

‘Getting their love groove on’

On Monday night, the team here at the Pressie cleaned up at another industry Awards Night, we were awarded Best Function/Convention Centre Caterer. Soooooo…. If you get engaged, you know who to contact to help you with your dreamiest of weddings….. And have a really kick-butt party at the same time!

So tell me dear reader, are you living happily ever after, and do you love Weddings? If yes…. Aside from the cake, what is the one thing you love most about them?

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