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Smoothie Operator – Beetroot, Ginger & Orange Smoothie

The countdown until my weeks of fun in the sun in Asia town is officially on now. #winning  Although, not gonna lie, the thought of putting my swimmers on is a tad daunting, especially as I have a month of parties and festive food eating and boozing to get through.

I figured getting my vegan smoothie drink on, and hitting the Bikram yoga studio (90 minutes in 40c heat) multiple times a week would be a fabulous way to rid that spare tyre, and ward off any weight that may be considering taking up residence on my thighs too.

This officially is the best beetroot smoothie I’ve made, I’d suggest going easy on the quantity of beetroot you put in the smoothie if you’re not big on vegetables in your drink, as it can taste a little ‘dirty’, a small amount really does go a long way.

I reckon the beetroot smoothie is super easy, super delicious, super satisfying, sweet, earthy, and revitalising too.

Have you ever tried Bikram Yoga? And, I’d love to hear what cheeky tricks you have up your sleeve to stay lean during the festive season?

Preparation time: 10 minutes
Cooking time: 
0 minutes

1 small beetroot 2 apples 1 frozen banana 2 large oranges

1 healthy knob ginger

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