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The Giftobit Foundation – Be Rewarded for Giving

During my week of uncontrollable sobbing crying, one of the things I had to say goodbye to as I moved my life from Canberra to the Whitsunday Islands were the charities I worked with. No more donning the cheffies to hang out with my bestie to cook up a storm or rattling the collection bucket at foodie festivals. It kind of left a hole….

With so many deserving charities out there I knew it wouldn’t be long before I found something that touched my heart. I want to be involved, but because I suspect there may be a gypsy living within me and more travel and adventures in my future, I had to find a project with a global feel to it and donate regularly, as giving back is really important to me.

My ventures in the online world have led me to some pretty cool places, but The Giftobit Foundation really struck a cord with me as it’s a fun concept that creates an income for you of which 25% has to be donated to the charity of your choice.

The Giftobit Foundation is a (NFP) not for profit, non-religious and non-political international NGO (Non-Government Organisation) and the brainchild of a couple of Aussies, Carlene and her son Daniel Spiteri. They are both very passionate about their vision and hold a strong sense of purpose and belief that no one should be living in poverty in this day and age. Happy Dancing to THAT!!!

At the heart of their work is a commitment to community-led, sustainable development projects, and a belief in the power of a team working together to create real impact and change. There are currently 24 amazing projects that fit in under The Giftobit Foundation’s website that only support a ‘hand up, not a hand out’ approach, so I knew this one was a good fit for what I want to achieve.

It costs around $75.00 Aussie dollars to get involved and the whole program actually works with a new type of global digital currency, Bitcoin, but more about that another time. The best bit is I don’t have to find money out of my budget when I want to donate anymore, as Giftobit will create a whole new income stream just for me when it gets pumping. The Scrooge McDucky side of me perked up her little head there with the “creates an income for you” bit.

While I was doing all my research into The Giftobit Foundation, I was majorly impressed with the income generating matrix side of how Giftobit actually works, but I confess to only understanding it in the same way I understand how a car runs or the internet works! I decided it was a mathematical marvel and love that our world has people in it like Carlene and Daniel Spiteri who can create such wonders that literally help everyone involved.

I’ll write more about my involvement with The Giftobit Foundation regularly as my position in the system starts to earn and I can start donating regularly.

So tell me dear reader, do you like The Giftobit Foundation idea of earning and giving all at the same time? Tell me about a charity or community led project you are a part of? And how are you giving back in 2017? 

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