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Menslink…. Something for the Boys

Recently Martin Fisk, the CEO of Menslink asked me to write a couple of words about why I support this amazing organisation. It got me to thinking about how I came across Marty and his incredible team, what this awesome charity is all about, and why Menslink touched me personally.

Menslink is about men helping each other by speaking up about depression and anxiety, and not bottling stuff inside and pretending all is good. “Silence can be deadly & deadly doesn’t mean cool, it means Fatal”.  Menslink is also a local not for profit group that supports guys in my community; and any help provided stays in Canberra.  First big tick!

I met Marty in 2011 when I was involved in the event coordination of the Business Breakfast, some inspirational speakers addressed the audience and shared their stories and the significance of mentors (those we know and the unlikely mentors too). It was awesome to be involved and I knew then that I resonated with the Menslink philosophy. They have a strengths-based approach, rather than focus on “what’s wrong”, they identify positive resources and abilities in the young blokes. Second big tick!

Menslink spoke to me because my Dad wasn’t around much when I was growing up; he changed over the years, became a bit of a recluse and seemed to spend a lot of time living in his head. He wasn’t in my life much as a teenager and passed away long before his time. As a child I didn’t really understand Dads ‘stuff’, but I learned it was a product of his era, topped with that ‘man thing’ about never discussing one’s problems and issues, as he saw it as a sign of weakness.

As an adult, I absolutely appreciate the importance of strong and dedicated mentors and great role models in my personal & professional life; I am so incredibly blessed to have been raised by a strong Mum who has always been up for a chat no matter the subject or time of day, and I work with an amazing team who know a thing or two about communication.

Bill Johnston
1947 – 2002

Fundraising for Menslink has been a lot of fun, from bucket money collection at events like the PM’s XI Cricket match and the National Multicultural Festival to Event Managing the Business Breakfast at the Press Club in 2013. The more I learn about Menslink, and the guys who donate their time to be Mentors, the more it touches my heart for all the good it’s doing. I’m looking forward to being involved again at the next Menslink Business Breakfast at the Press Club in September.

So tell me my lovelies, do you have a favourite charity? If yes, do you volunteer and participate in fundraising?

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