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'Art Meets Food' at the Wedgwood Tea Room

Have you ever found yourself staring at a painting and attempting to analyze the mind of the artist or the work on display and wondered, ‘If that painting was food, what would it taste like?’ I have…. and I’m going to throw it out there and say, I reckon the Tom Roberts inspired High Tea and Lunch at the Wedgwood Tea Room may have answered that question.

So how does one find a plate of food that tastes like art you ask? Well friends…. Come with me!

The sweeping views of eucalypt tree tops, mountaints and the blue sky are rather like a Tom Roberts painting

Firstly you are welcomed into the National Gallery of Australia where you can literally walk on rainbows #squeeeeeeel It’s a work of art by Jim Lambie called ‘Sound System’, then head on up the escalators and past a man holding a fish, (YEP – a fish!) continue on past a huge LOVE statue and drink in all the ambiance.

Tom Roberts inspired luncheon – The Farmhouse Board

Gather your thoughts friends, because next you’re walking past a war tanker painted in a crazy design, but don’t let that hold you up too long because we are nearly at our destination for the lifts that takes you up to the Wedgwood Tea Room where, you’re back in familiar territory once again with glorious big comfortable velvet chairs at tables laden with the prettiest Wedgewood crockery you ever will see, tranquil views of eucalyptus tree tops and the Sculpture Garden below with Lake Burley Griffin glittering in the sunshine. The view alone is art at it’s best.

Gorgeously presented sweet treats on a two-tiered Wedgwood cake stand

The Tom Roberts exhibition is on display (until 28 March, 2016) and back in the day when I would get my art on, some of my earlier ‘stuff’ was inspired by his legendary Australian masterpieces, so I was super keen to experience the contemporary interpretation of food inspired by the era (1856 –1931) and themes of the Australian outback.

A delicate selection of goodies all served on Wedgwood china

We started with a chilled glass of Helm Riesling and were walked through our menu. To report on this special event properly, I took one for the team and ordered both meat selections from the lunch ‘Farmhouse Board’, an Australian style antipasto that featured slow roast beef, salt baked salmon, lemon scented kipfler potatoes, iceberg lettuce with radishes, honey & sherry caramel pumpkin, relish, pickle pots and rosemary salt damper. It was like biting into all my favorite childhood food memories.

Tweet the world (and ME) did your school lunch box consist of roast meat & tomato sauce sandwiches like me? If not… what’d you get?

Chicken sandwiches – Hands down, the best sambo I have ever eaten

Next up, huge decorative china Teapots with Wedgwood tea and a 2-tier cake stand loaded with mini cured salmon brioche burgers, asparagus, leek and gruyere tarts, ribbon sandwiches, opera slice, lemon and yoghurt tart with toasted meringue, peach melba cake, jam drop shortbread and scones with the most magical berry preserve and double cream.

Because one is never enough!

All the china used were a collection of Wedgwood crockery that I fell in love with, everything seamlessly blended together and our table looked magnificent!

An eclectic collection of Wedgwood plates, teacups and teapots decorate the table

Having been gluten, dairy, sugar and booze free for the last four months, I figured a High Tea feast at the Wedgwood Tea room served on beautiful china was the perfect reason to have me a cheat day.

Scones with the most delicious vanilla bean whipped cream and berry preserve

My favorites were the chicken sandwiches and jam drop shortbread tarts with lavender sugar #foodgasm so good in fact, I booked in again for a cheeky High Tea date with Queen Suebah.

I’d love to know, have you been to the Wedgwood Tea Room at the National Gallery of Australia? And do you prefer sweet or savoury more? 

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