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The truth of the matter is I don’t think I could call myself a Chef anymore, but those of you who remember my last Blog “The Hospitality Guru” know I’m obsessed with beautiful, magical, delicious (get in my belly) amazing food.

I loved cooking and experimenting with flavours and textures and exotic spices, and working with the Chefs who managed to describe most mouth watering, taste tantalising and exquisite food prefixed by a four letter word, until the lure of ‘front of house’ called, and with hardly a backward glance I left behind the noisy frantic guys who run the stainless steel kingdoms.

My love affair with food has morphed into clean eating; Keto with a splash of Paleo produced from locally sourced produce. Even though a rare indulgent fine dining experience is still on my YES list, I find eating tasty foods for fuel is where I am at!

Foodiephiles will take you onto the plates of some of my favourite foods.

Come on in and have a look around, leave some comments, and offer your feedback.

May 17, 2016

Pretty in Pink Angel Food Cake

Pretty in Pink Angel Food Cake. Anna Johnston -

This Angel Food Cake is heavenly. See what I did there? It’s a bit retro I guess, but along with my newfound addiction to 70’s crudités and dip (thank you Girl in a Food Frenzy), I have also developed an obsession for sponge cake. This sky-high, pillowy soft, light as a feather beauty tastes as you […]

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March 6, 2016

Raw Vanilla Coconut Fig Slice

Raw Vanilla Coconut Fig Slice Recipe by Anna Johnston -

Imagine if Jesus and Julia Childs planted a tree blessed by Ghandi at the top of Mt Everest and watered it with pure unicorn blood until maturity where it sprouted into a glitter explosion of pure amazingness. That’s what this Raw Vanilla Coconut Fig Slice is! Who would have thought that hauling my butt to […]

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February 25, 2016

Meet Alicia from The Foodie’s Colouring Book Plus… A GIVEAWAY!

Meet Alicia Freile - A blog post about the person behind 'The Foodies Colouring Book' by Anna Johnston.

The ‘Meet….’ series gives you a glimpse into the inner workings of some of my all time fave peeps, cheffing superheroes and foodie friends. I ask the same ten questions and you get their heartfelt responses. As an adult, I can eat ice-cream for breakfast and legally drink (which is pretty rad) but sometimes….. CONFESSION….. I just want to […]

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