November 3, 2016

Daydream Island – Part 2: The Consequences

Daydream Island - Part 2: The Consequences. Anna Johnston -

As soon as I had irreversibly made the decision to leave Canberra and all my family and wonderful friends to go live and work on my tropical island in sunshiny North Queensland, Australia, I was hit by a storm of emotions that is hard to describe. Fear, loss, a serious case of the scaredy-cats about my ability to exist without my people or to perform even the most basic event management skills reined. It was crazy!!!!

Every day I’d wake up with worries and stupid fears. And every day Queen Suebah would reassure me with her own special calm loving logic that I not only would do this, but it’d be the greatest adventure of my life, all while smiling down on me benevolently. Now those of you that know me, know Queen Suebah (my Momma) is my very best friend in the entire world and together we are unashamedly real life Gilmore Girls, it’s true! So it was inconceivable to me that we wouldn’t see each other everyday and even weirder that she was gently pushing me out the door.

My last week in Canberra became one long goodbye, followed closely by uncontrollable and sporadic spontaneous sobbing as I so reluctantly said farewell to each and every one of my amazing friends and family. I’m still overwhelmed by all the words of love and support you guys gave with parties, dinners and offers to help in the rush and busyness of that last week; if I am half the gal you reckon I am, then I know I’ll be OK. Your belief in me made me feel strong and capable and excited to do this.

Finally, the day arrived and the dreaded 5am departure time was upon me, my intermittent uncontrollable sobbing caused some poor stranger in the seat next to me great discomfort and alarm, but by the time I was half an hour out of Canberra I pulled myself together.

Daydream Island - Part 2: The Consequences. Anna Johnston -

plane-wingI felt the first twinges of excitement about all that was in front of me trigger, and before I knew it, I had a massive grin on my face and my nose pressed up against the window looking out at the stunning colours below me as the plane circled above the Whitsundays and Hamilton Island as we got ready to land.
Daydream Island - Part 2: The Consequences. Anna Johnston -

Having already frightened the life out of a fellow passenger that day with my heightened emotions, I restrained myself completely and refrained from throwing my arms out wide embracing the warmth and sunshine that welcomed me as I stepped down from the plane, nor did I kiss the ground in true Pope fashion – but I felt like it.

Daydream Island - Part 2: The Consequences. Anna Johnston -

Within seconds I knew in a crazy way I was home, as everything felt familiar somehow. Just a short 30 minute ferry ride gliding my way through the archipelago of islands that make up the Whitsundays, I spotted my island home of Daydream Island. My new life was about to begin and despite the roller coaster of emotions I’d experienced over the last week, or perhaps because of them, I am incredibly grateful to be feeling it all.

I’m pretty sure as we pulled into the jetty at Daydream Island I saw a Unicorn grinning at me from the rainforest too.

Daydream Island - Part 2: The Consequences. Anna Johnston -

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shenANNAgans is Anna Johnston, a 30 - something Aussie gal with an unwavering passion for the Hospitality industry. I love the quirky and unusual, designing events, travelling far and wide and eating food from all around the world. I am coffee blooded, a craft beer enthusiast, wine drinking yogi who enjoys writing about her adventures.

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Tim UrbanDuniya - November 17, 2016 Reply

Oh wow – how momentous! I am so so happy for you, my friend – it sounds like you are really doing something you love, and that is a wonderful thing. That first picture of the blue Whitsundays water is like a breath of fresh air on a hot day – I can only imagine how you must have felt when you arrived there.

My Inner Chick - November 9, 2016 Reply

what a HUGE move.
I felt the same way when I left my family…
but I gained A LOT!
Including Mr. Liverpool.
Congrats on your new journey.

Mabel Kwong - November 4, 2016 Reply

And look at that! A unicorn to welcome you into paradise! I am jealous, but am so, so, so happy for you and I really cannot wait to hear more about your time here. Starting a new chapter in life can be hard, but sometimes it is the best decision for us.

As Gary said, I wouldn’t have had second thoughts too if this opportunity came my way. The sunshine, the warmth, the friendly people on the island and all the magic surrounding it…this is the time of life for you. Looking forward to following along 🙂 Big hugs and wishing you well, big sis <3

    Anna - November 7, 2016 Reply

    My beautiful little sis, thank you so much for your continued love and support, for always leaving such thoughtful comments and well, generally being in my world. I’m truly blessed to have amazing people in my world.

    When you have some time off, you are MORE then welcome to come and stay with me. It’s crazy cheap and I’d love it. 🙂

Jessica - November 3, 2016 Reply

Omg what a truly wonderful piece to read. So looking forward to the next chapter

    Anna - November 7, 2016 Reply

    You know what I’m looking forward to, you visiting and experiencing my amazing new life. 🙂

Ala - November 3, 2016 Reply

Loved reading this and catching up on your life–the most exciting changes are often the most terrifying, but I wholeheartedly believe that someone as good and kind as you will make the most of this amazing new opportunity. Shine bright, Anna! Can’t wait to hear more about your new adventures!

    Anna - November 8, 2016 Reply

    Aint they just, Ala?! Although now I am on the other side of all that fear and stepping into the unknown, I wonder what all the fuss and emotion I put into it was about. I am shining bright lovely, super bright. And thank you, I love that you are enjoying reading about my adventures and soon, about island life.

Dave B - November 3, 2016 Reply

Keep them coming Anna. Bring on the Neverending Story full of love, fun and a few unicorns!

    Anna - November 8, 2016 Reply

    Thank you Dave! I am so lucky to have such beautiful people in my world like you. And …. here, here! Couldnt agree more about the story of love, fun and a couple of unicorns too. 🙂

Kristy - November 3, 2016 Reply

Hahaha I love reading your blog. It definitely would have been an emotional rollercoaster before you left but you’re in the land of unicorns now.

    Anna - November 8, 2016 Reply

    I love that you take the time to read my blog. Mwah! Thanks lovely one. 🙂 And yes, I really am living in the land of unicorns now. Life is good! 🙂

Mandy - November 3, 2016 Reply

Loving walking this journey with you dear Anna. I know all the emotion you speak of. Been through it before. Took me back.
Looking forward to installment number 3!
Love to you from sunny SA.
🙂 Mandy xoxoxo

    Anna - November 8, 2016 Reply

    Thank you my friend, its nice to have you along with me. And yes, it seems it is something that we all go through at one point. Sending you truck loads of love from sunshiny Australia. xox

Gary Lum - November 3, 2016 Reply

I wouldn’t have had second thoughts Anna.

    Anna - November 7, 2016 Reply

    Now that I am here Gary, the second thoughts seem so silly. But the fear of the unknown is always a difficult one to battle. Glad I didn’t let it stop me. 🙂

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