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Dingo Beach – Where The Locals Go To Get Away From It All

When you live in the beautiful Whitsundays and get to wake up and nod off to sleep each day with fresh, clean salty air wafting through your bedroom windows, and just a short stroll to the beach and café for that all important morning coffee, where everything you’d want for is just 5 minutes away, it’s possibly a little disturbing to find yourself wondering, ‘where do the locals go when they want to get away from it all?’

‘There is no time to bored in a world as beautiful as this’. Dingo Beach

It wasn’t long before I started to hear bits of conversations around me spoken in that delicious north Queensland drawl quoting Dingo Beach and Hotel as a spot that had to be investigated, promising kilometers of secluded sandy tropical pristine beaches where the fishin’ and crabbin’ are great, and lets not forget the ‘sick time’ that could be had at The Pub.

‘Take every chance you get in life, because sometimes things only happen once’.

I decided I had to explore Dingo Beach and when one of my favourite peeps and old workmates came to visit to get away from the freezing winter down south, I figured the time was ripe.  I wanted to take in all the touristy sights we could fit into 3 days; but also leave plenty of time to just sit and natter away some hours catching up.

Knowing ‘Cheffie’ and ‘Wifey’ would enjoy getting off the beaten track and love nothing better than a good yarn with some icy cold ales and good pub food, it seemed Dingo Beach Hotel was just the right spot to while away the day.

Branding is EVERYTHING!

I have to tell you folks, that this place under promises and over delivers and you really do feel like you’ve escaped to a simpler way of the life; where the beaches indeed are pristine and the water is crystal clear.  With hardly anyone wandering the sands at low tide the day we went, it felt like our own little patch of paradise.  We spend hours walking through the delicious shallow waves, catching up and watching Little Chef race through the water without a care in the world.  The Dingo Beach Hotel beer garden is just a few short steps from the beach and offers loads of shady nooks to settle in for a while.

Step 1 – Ditch Airlie for the day and drive to Dingo Beach. Step 2 – Take a few deep breaths and maybe a candid photo. Step 3 – Order the “dingo burger” from the one and only shop, you won’t regret it.

The WIFI is temperamental in this neck of the woods my friends, so put that phone away and be prepared to indulge in all that’s important in life.  Good friends, good food, good beer (kept icy cold with the foam ‘specially branded’ stubby and glass holders – nice touch!).  Throw in a dash of stunning ocean views and good service, and it’ll all add up to a Great “Aussie” Experience not to be missed while in the Whitsundays.

‘Don’t call it a dream…call it a plan’.

This is not a place to expect anything other than what it is my fine foodie friends, so don’t go asking for your half ‘n half, full cream soy bean coffee with an extra dash of caramel OK, although I’m sure the accommodating staff would have a crack at your request!  And do be prepared with a few quick comebacks to tease the Chef if you order the famous Dingo Burger.

So tell me dear reader, where in the world are you from? Where do the locals go to get away from it all in your neck of the woods?

The meals and booze were independently paid for. 

Dingo Beach

Price: $20.00 for Mains
 Courtesy bus from/to Airlie Beach accommodation Thursday thru to Sunday.
Phone: 07 4945 7153

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